In Yaroslavl region killing three children from house fire

The accident happened in a private house in the village of Tarakanovo, which is located in the Yaroslavl region. The fire killed four people: three children and one adult.

В Ярославской области погибли трое детей из-за пожара в доме

Official statements on this fact until it was. It is known that in the time of the fire the house was occupied by three children: four-year-old girl and two year old twins, and a woman who was in kinship with the dead. The cause of the fire is not yet known. The place of work, law enforcement and firefighters. Upon the death of the four people being tested. The police are talking to witnesses and also expert.

At the time of the fire the house mother was in the vegetable plots. The children’s father went fishing. Who were useful to the dead girl’s family, is not currently known.

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