In Ukraine, told about spying on Russia from space

Edition Defense Express told how Ukraine organized a spying on Russia. Kiev uses satellites of foreign countries, taking photos of the Crimea from space.

В Украине рассказали о слежке за Россией из космоса

It is known that Ukraine has signed with 19 countries to use their satellite systems. In the end, the exploration of the neighboring state gets photos from space that allow us to observe the situation in the Crimea. Surveillance of Russia has provided Ukraine with information on the location of the “enemy” and also allowed detection of engineering structures and new equipment for military use.

It should be noted, earlier the same newspaper reported that Ukraine is able to give “strong response the troops of Putin.” However, this statement is not agreed the Center for analysis of international trade, who said: “Ukraine has lost the capacity to develop the necessary weapons in 2014, when he cut all ties with Russia.”

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