In Ukraine, they stimulate the import of “Euroblanks” – what has changed

In Ukraine, they stimulate the import of “Euroblanks” – what has changed

In Ukraine, the import (customs clearance) of cars with foreign numbers was again allowed through sea and river ports. The corresponding resolution has already been adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, reports

Import of “Euroblanks” is stimulated in Ukraine – what has changed< /p>

After the start of a full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, hundreds of cars got stuck in seaports, which did not have time to clear customs. In April, customs clearance of cars was made free in our country, after which huge traffic jams formed at the checkpoints of those who wanted to use this benefit.

In early May, cars with foreign plates were allowed to be imported into Ukraine only through three checkpoints (“Ustilug”, “Grushev” and “Maly Berezny”). This was done so that the Europlates would not interfere with the transportation of food, fuel, military and humanitarian cargo.

Now you can again import cars with foreign license plates through sea and river ports. This means that hundreds of Ukrainians will finally receive their cars, which they ordered before the start of the war.

Recall that more than 160,000 cars have already cleared customs in Ukraine for free. This benefit was expected to last until the end of the war. However, from July 1, 2022, the government plans to once again make customs clearance of cars paid (except for cars intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine). The Verkhovna Rada should consider the relevant bill in the near future.