In Ukraine, they figured out what they will do with the unemployed

In Ukraine, they figured out what they will do with the unemployed

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 Ukraine has figured out what to do with the unemployed

To date, 274 thousand unemployed people are officially registered in Ukraine, and there are only 22 thousand vacancies. The fund's budget for unemployment this year is UAH 19 billion. Yulia Sviridenko, First Vice Prime Minister of Economy of Ukraine, said this.

The official said that Ukraine will stop unemployment payments to people who They are outside Ukraine for 30 days.

Sviridenko also said that the unemployed, who will not find the right vacancies, will be involved in public works.

“Our task is to provide people with work. Today, public works will be determined by the list of civil-military administrations. It can be work in agriculture, and in the improvement of cities. Today, the average unemployment payment is 4750 hryvnia. If people are offered community service, they will receive a minimum wage of UAH 6,500,” Sviridenko said.

She added that first, employment centers will offer people available vacancies that will meet their skills, abilities and profession. If there are none, public works will be offered.

She also reminded that there is a program in Ukraine that provides compensation to employers who hire migrants. The employer receives UAH 6,500 monthly for each migrant.

Earlier it was reported that the unemployed will be involved in public works, such as removing rubble or building protective structures, and will receive the minimum wage for this.

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