In Ukraine, the procedure for keeping records of schoolchildren will be changed: what parents should know

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Ukraine will change the procedure for keeping records of schoolchildren: what parents should know

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Ukraine will change the mechanism of registration of preschool and school-age children. The relevant project was developed by the Ministry of Education and submitted for public discussion. This is reported by Channel 24. After approval of the document, children will be registered using the Automated Information Complex of Educational Management (AICOM). In particular, by entering, accumulating, updating, processing, analyzing and summarizing information about children of preschool and school age, including those who are not covered by education.

A child profile will be created for record keeping in the system. It will contain information about her personal data, documents, place and form of education, place of residence or stay.

Creation of the child's profile in the system will be carried out by the responsible employee of the educational institution during the child's enrollment.

< p>Accumulation and updating of information in the child's profile will be carried out through electronic interaction between AICOM and information systems, as well as by entering information into the child's profile by responsible employees.

Thanks to such an accounting system, statistical reports on the number of children in preschool and of school age, pupils and students, including children not covered by education.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga