In Ukraine, free of charge to learn military enterprises

In Ukraine, free of charge to learn military enterprises

It's free to learn military business in Ukraine

Shanov's colleagues! In the framework of the project of social adaptation of military servicemen of the employees of the “Norway-Ukraine” reserve.

Professional adaptation. Integration into the state system» NUPASS is conducted recruitment for the course “Organization of business activity in Ukraine”. Course FREE!The course is three months long, including 350 academic years. Startup form – zmishana (partially remotely, privately in the auditorium – from 18.30 to 21.00 every day, Crimea Saturdays and weeks). Full-time classes will be held in the premises of the State University of Infrastructure and Technology at the address: m. Kiev, vul. Fire 19. 

The installation fee will be held on 23 September 2022 at the specified address about 18.00. Spring 26 at 6:30 p.m. За результатами проходження навчання слухачі отримають сертифікат норвезького Університету NORD, спільний сертифікат Міністерства оборони та Міністерства закордонних справ Норвегії та свідоцтво про перепідготовку Державного університету інфраструктури та технологій. 

Окрім зазначеного Громадська організація “Всеукраїнське об’єднання participants in combat activities and veterans of the military command’language” in parallel with vocational training, you will organize psychological adaptation, legal adaptation, joining in training or good work. 

At the installation camps, mothers still have documents
For officers of the ZSU and other law enforcement agencies, called in the reserve: 

– Dedication to the officer in reserve (original or copy). 
– Passport. 

For officers of the ZSU and other law enforcement agencies, as planned until the end of the contract (end of contract and vol.): 

– Dedication of the officer. 
– Passport. 
– Finalization of the month of service, about those military service plans before the end of the term or the term of the contract will expire. 

For members of the homelands of military servicemen: 

– A copy of the certificate of the officer of the person (druzhina). 
– Certificate of friendship (original or copy). 
– The passport.  

Purpose category of hearing: 

– Military service of the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies, planned to be deployed in line rotation or offensive.  
– Military servicemen of the ZSU and other law enforcement agencies, zvilnenі z military service for the rest of the three years and yakі may have a length of service of at least 10 years. 
– Participants of combat activities to formal legislation, zvіlnіnі аbo svіlnіnі vіlnenі vіlnennі prodyazhno roku. 
– Members of the family (person/team) of the most listed categories.

Sign up for the course here: Balliyev Guvanch. Phone: 096-689-49-38,  
E-mail: [email protected]