In Ukraine banned the operation of some cars

In Ukraine banned the operation of some cars

During martial law, it is prohibited to operate vehicles with a direct-flow muffler and other exhaust systems without a noise absorber. This decision was made by the Kyiv City Council, according to

Some cars banned in Ukraine

Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko is outraged that during the fight against the Russian occupiers, some Ukrainians “drive through the streets in a car, like on a jet plane.” He believes that there should be responsibility for this. What kind of punishment – the mayor did not specify.

After throughout Ukraine, martial law will be lifted, in Kyiv the ban on the use of cars with a direct-flow muffler or without a muffler will be lifted.

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Previously, the use of such cars was banned in Dnipro. There were cases when the noise of car engines was mistaken for the sounds of enemy cruise missiles. When such cars are detected, patrol policemen send them to a penalty area.

By the way, in the same Dnieper, another innovation was introduced during martial law. Cars are taken away from drivers for aggressive driving. In any case, this was officially stated.