In Tokyo showed a record low number of infected CoVID-19

In Tokyo, capital of Japan, doctors have revealed shockingly low number of people infected with coronavirus new. During the last day recorded only two cases CoVID-19, a record low figure.

В Токио выявили рекордно низкое число зараженных CoVID-19

From 22 to 23 may in Tokyo has infected two people at the same time across the country, the number of persons who have discovered a very dangerous infection, is 26 people. In Japan, the total number of cases of persons of both sexes 17,281 thousand patients, writes TASS. During the day the number of deaths increased by 11, reaching 838 deaths. Distribution dynamics CoVID-19, including new cases, deaths, according to statistics kept stable at a low level. In three prefectures located in the Western States to: Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo Prefecture, the authorities lifted restrictions on movement. The findings were made by an expert Commission.

Shinzo Abe, head of the Japanese government, said that in Tokyo and in five regions, including the Northern Prefecture of Hokkaido, the quarantine can withdraw may 25. However, the physicians are monitoring the situation with coronavirus and inform the authorities. Earlier Chinese media reported that China’s per night not reveal a single infected CoVID-19.

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