In the Vladimir region holidaymakers rescued a couple from drowning “Gazelle”

In the Vladimir region witnesses helped get the spouses out of a sinking car. As a couple, and their saviors were injured.

Во Владимирской области отдыхающие спасли семейную пару из тонущей «Газели»

The incident occurred on the banks of the Klyazma river in the city of Kovrov of the Vladimir region in the evening of 26 June. The car “Gazelle” fell off a small cliff into the river and began to sink. To arrival of rescuers above the water stood only the roof of the vehicle, and a couple who were in salon have been saved by vacationers near. The woman helped get through the door, and the man climbed through the hatch glass, which previously had to break with a hammer. All participants of the rescue operation have been cut. It turned out that the driver had mixed up the speed when the movement began, resulting in “Gazelle” was in the water.

Earlier near the island Festival in the Samara region drowned 46-year-old woman in the river Volga.

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