In the USA, a Ukrainian patriot has been driven into a man

In the USA, a Ukrainian patriot has been driven into a man

In the United States, a Ukrainian patriot is driven into a person

Photo: Julia James-Deakin/ABC13< /p>

At Lіg City, Texas, 64-year-old Kent James, having shot his 43-year-old Ukrainian ex-squad Yulia James-Dikina.

Killing a mother of three children became 6 limes at a friend's house. After a beggar man shot himself. About the cause povіdomiv mіstsevyi TV channel ABC13.

League City police spokesman John Griffit said that the law enforcement officers called out the court of friends. Before the next day after the battle, the children of Julia and Kent came running. The stinks said to the Susidov, that "his father is dripping blood'yu" that "youmu terminovo needs help". The nature of the early friendship is evidence of those that Kent first shot at Yulia, and then stole self-destruction. 

"There is no good information about those who didn't. There were no annual forward calls, there was no note of welding, – having seen a police representative.

Friends of the dead, who told “Facts”, they told that the woman had lived in the USA for about 15 years. Yuliya is small active pro-Ukrainian position and in 2014 actively supported the Ukrainian army. After the full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine, Yulia brought her fathers to the USA. She herself constantly observed the pro-Ukrainian rallies and the color-and-dobovo trimala zv'language with the Ukrainian Viysk people, to find out if you need help. For її words, if a woman got to know a future person on the Internet, she had a baby girl like Valentine's first love. Yulia had two more children born to a girl in Kent. Lerі at once 13, and Alex's fate is this.

In the US, a Ukrainian patriot has driven in a person

Lyudmila also told me that behind the words of Julia, the man began to behave wonderfully. Vіn having begun to choose the greatness of a number of different, inappropriate speeches, and having hindered not those that were thrown out, but turned over by a centimeter. At that moment, Kent rented a garage and some storage space for his speeches. In an instant, they parted with the same river. 

"Navіt having formalized the separation, the stench lost their life in one go. Budinok was sleeping, and the stench could not help it. Our classmate also spoke about Kent's inadequate behavior, as she lives in the USA – won yogo bachila and commemorated deyakі wondrous speeches. Greater for everything, vin zbozhevoliv. Otherwise, explain the killing of the mother of your children, having lived 15 years, it’s impossible", – the friend of the Ukrainian woman rose up. 

Sometimes the children change with their brother Yuliya and his squad. May we make friends and take custody of children.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga