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In the US, Democrats are talking about replacing Biden with another candidate in the elections

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

In the US, Democrats are talking about replacing Biden with another candidate in the elections


In the US Democratic Party they started talking about the possible replacement of Joe Biden with another candidate in the presidential elections, which will take place in November this year.

They started talking about this after the debate between Biden and Trump, which took place on June 27, writes the New York Times.

The fact is that during the debate, Joe Biden's speech was unconvincing, in part due to a weak voice, slips of the tongue and an inability to clearly present his party's position on key issues

One veteran Democratic strategist who has supported Biden publicly said the current US president will soon face a wave of calls to resign.

Biden, he said, had deep commitment among Democrats, but it has dried up.

– Parties exist to win. The man who was on stage with Trump is incapable of winning. Fear of Trump suppressed criticism of Biden. Now that same fear will fuel calls for his removal as a candidate– said a Biden campaign spokesman.

Andrew Yang, who ran in the 2020 Democratic primary, wrote on Platform X: "Guys, the Democrats should nominate someone else– before it's too late.”.

Note that the possibility of replacing Biden with another candidate from the Democratic Party was also discussed by Democrats on American television channels.

However, it is technically difficult to replace a candidate in the presidential election at such a late stage, because all 50 states have already held primaries, and Biden received an overwhelming majority.

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Natasha Kumar

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