In the US, a bear rang the doorbell to ask for food

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In the US, a bear rang the doorbell for food

In Greenville, US, early in the morning, the bear stood up on its hind legs and rang the doorbell for food, reports WBTV.

Early in the morning, around 3:30, Wendy Watson's door rang. The American decided not to open it right away, but to look on the cameras at the morning guest. Her visitor turned out to be a bear, which stood on hind legs and pressed the bell with its front paws.

The animal stood for a while on the porch. When he realized that they would not open it, he went to the bird feeders and ate all their grain.

As it turns out, the bear often comes to Wendy Watson's house and eats food left for the birds. It even destroyed two feeders.

Greg Lucas of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said the beast in the video was between two and four years old. Bears love to eat bird food, so it is not recommended to hang feeders near the house.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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