In the United States plan to create their own Chinese competitor Huawei

The US authorities want to create their own major technology and telecommunications company that would be able to compete with Chinese technogiant Huawei in the communications market fifth generation 5G. These data are presented in the publication of the authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal.

В США планируют создать собственного конкурента китайской Huawei

The Chinese company at the moment is not only one of the largest global manufacturers of smartphones, but also a recognized leader in the market of telecommunication equipment. Even the sanctions imposed by the US against Huawei, has not prevented the company to maintain its leadership, and even without a partnership with Google, the Chinese manufacturer continues to grow, develop, and even was recently included in the top positions of the ranking of the most technological companies on the planet. However, to stay on the sanctions Washington has no plans, so now in the US are hatching plans to create its own competitor companies from China.

So, in early 2020, the Prosecutor General and the head of the justice Department invited local business to purchase the assets of the largest European Telecom-monsters – Ericsson and Nokia. Thus, the Americans could use the achievements of these manufacturers to deal with market leadership Huawei. This idea is in some degree supported by the head of the National economic Council Lawrence Kudlow, noting that European manufacturers and Korean technogiant Samsung are expanding their presence in the American market, so it is ready to offer them completely to move to the US and get tax incentives for development in this country.

To this proposal already replied to Nokia, stating that Washington just wants to get back in the technology game, he got out, ceasing to work in that direction.

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