In the United States has developed a new technology of bombing

In the United States are testing new technologies bombing. Engineers have developed a special one-off CLEAVER platform to more accurately display the ammo on purpose.

В США разработали новую технологию бомбометания

US air force searching for ways to increase the effectiveness of bomber command. As it became known to experts, the Pentagon is testing a new product that will not only improve the accuracy when dropping bombs, but will also give the ability to use for attack purposes transport aircraft C-17 Globenaster and C-130 Hercules. These air cars are now used for the carriage of various cargoes, but now it may become a new platform. It descend by parachute over the desired square, and after she leaves the plane begins to act independently. Module CLEAVER turns to goal and definitely affects. Experts say, if you want the army may at the expense of the transport very quickly to increase the number of strike bombers.

It is unknown how it behaves in the platform when released, but the U.S. military has not only demonstrated similar technology, but used them in combat operations. In 2017 over the province of Nangarhar in Afghanistan were dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb GPU-43 MOAB. She had a similar platform, and the result was positive for the military, they managed to destroy underground fortifications of militants.

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