In the United States are going to create a perfume with the scent of outer space

В США собираются создать духи с ароматом космоса


On the platform Kickstarter began fundraising for the creation of a perfume Eau de Space odor space.

Director of the company on the creation of perfume was the owner of Met Richmond.

NASA added the smell of space in your workout in order for the astronauts were ready for any surprises in the open interstellar space. Now a group of enthusiasts plans to put the flavor on the conveyor, so everyone can smell the aroma of the cosmic void. For this, they contacted the producers of spirits and defended the right to flavor.

The astronauts describe the smell it smells like a mixture of gunpowder, undercooked steak, raspberries and rum,” said project Manager Matt Richmond.

Reference: Kickstarter website to raise funds for the implementation of creative, scientific and production projects under the scheme of crowdfunding (i.e. donations).

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