In the Russian Federation, they can’t get new combat pilots – GUR

In the Russian Federation, they can’t get new combat pilots – GUR

In the Russian Federation, you can't get new battles and feeds – GUR

< p>Russia can’t recruit willing people to die in Ukraine

In the Russian Federation, a new mobilization system was created, for which mobilization visits are carried out according to the territorial principle.

Ukrainian research suggests that Russia they can't form new wіyskovі pіdrozіli due to the lack of willing to go to war.

< p> It is important that the Nizhny Novgorod region of the Russian Federation has actually completed the formation of a tank battalion, like a linden on the cob. From the required 160 osіb the contract for the passage of service was signed by about 30 osib. 8220; volunteer-contract workers”, some children study at grades 10-11 of the middle schools of higher education. Vtіm, tse did not give a significant influx of those eager for war.

Zagal in the Russian Federation created a new mobilization system. It depends on the carrying out of mobilization visits according to the territorial principle – if in the skin regional unit the children are formed, they will be financed by the municipal budget.

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