In the new season of The Witcher new Witcher will play stuntman Joel Adrian

The creators of a new season of the series The Witcher has a vivid imagination, evidenced by the fact that they independently came up with a new witch, who will play stuntman Joel Adrian.

В новом сезоне The Witcher нового ведьмака сыграет каскадёр Джоэл Адриан

A film based on the series of novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. However invented by the Witcher Hemric missing in the works of this writer, and also in the previous season of the series The Witcher. It is reported by Redanian Intelligence. The creators of the film do not reveal details about the plot of the film. Currently there is no information about what features will perform a new Witcher film. Previously, the creators of the show confirmed the information about the appearance of Vesemira, Lambert and Excel in the second season. However, these characters are mentioned in a series of books by Polish author.

The airing of The Witcher is scheduled for the first half of 2021. Shooting of the TV series was temporarily canceled because of a pandemic COVID-19. A statement about a new witch in the film surprised film critics. Note Goal Andrian is not only involved in the creation of films as an actor, but also performs dangerous stunts, requiring courage, dexterity and good physical fitness.

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