In the Netherlands discovered a treasure trove of world war II

In the Netherlands, a 19-year-old treasure hunter found the coins during the Second world war and other memorabilia, including bullets, bayonet, scissors, shaving brush. The finding reported in the Express edition.

В Нидерландах обнаружен клад времен Второй мировой войны

A collection of memorabilia relating to Germany, as expected, were buried during the Second World War and includes 502 gold coins, some of which were marked with symbols. Young researcher from Deventer described the discovery as “a dream”.
“There are many people that are looking for all my life, but never find anything like it. One coin after another out of the earth. My legs were shaking. It finds the dream of every treasure hunter,” said the young man.
Experts believe that the artifacts will not have significant value, but will represent another important part of modern history. Among the finds: a dagger, buckle, medals, bullets, bayonet, scissors, shaving brush. It is noted that the coins began to be minted in 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power. The artifacts were made in Berlin. It is assumed that the treasure was in the Netherlands after Germany invaded neighbouring countries after the outbreak of the Second world war.

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