“In the media”: without complacency or elitism

“In the media”: without complacency or elitism

The “In the media” team could not have hoped for a more prosperous period in terms of content when it arrived on the air on Télé-Québec in the fall of 2017, between digital transformations, American politics constantly in the headlines, the emergence of influencers and other trends in turmoil.

Almost four years later, matter still abounds, pandemic as a bonus.

Every week, Marie-Louise Arsenault’s weekly column – who has left her Thursday time slot to settle on Wednesdays, at 9 p.m., since the start of the year – focuses on media issues, from the most specialized to more unifying, and closely follows these developments and achievements that shape our screens, newspapers, radios and other communication channels.

“The hardest thing, in this show, is to agree on the subjects we will discuss each week,” says Marie-Louise Arsenault. There is such an abundance that it becomes heartbreaking. We always have a lot of ideas of what we could, or could have done, with a lot of subjects … “

With intelligence

Marie-Louise Arsenault loves everything about “In the media”: her interviews, which she now conducts face-to-face (because of the distancing measures), the fact of having collaborators (Félix Séguin from TVA, who will speak this week of investigations on the police, Noémi Mercier who will soon be in Noovo, Monic Néron of Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec, etc.) and guests of all the networks, and the neither complacent nor elitist tone of his magazine.

At his table, we talk as much about reality TV with Marie-Élaine Thibert as about the enthusiasm of journalists for hockey player Alexis Lafrenière, the image of politicians, Bill C-10 on the giants of the web, marketing out of fear or behind the scenes of the Rozon trial. Sophie Lorain spoke brilliantly about the future of Quebec television, and Marina Orsini, on screen nudity.

And you had to hear the host confront Patrick Lagacé about the absence of women at the 98.5 microphones, last fall, to see that flattery in the direction of the hair is not his cup of tea. He said to himself, to “In the media”, a lot of things that you don’t hear elsewhere.

The main credo of Marie-Louise Arsenault? Treat audience and guests intelligently.

“When Michèle Richard came on the set last year, she thanked me so much, and that’s exactly what she said to me: ‘You treated me like an intelligent person’. I felt she was moved. Often people talk about her with a smirk, when she is a woman who has lived, and she sure has a look at the media. She understands how it works. She did not have a 60-year career by not knowing how to play this “game”, “argues Marie-Louise, remembering this interview dedicated to gossip newspapers.

“It’s a privilege to work in the media, to have the antenna, to have readers. The least we can do is try to reach as many people as possible, be educational, talk about important issues and speak respectfully. ”

Dreams of interviews

Many times praised for her qualities as an interviewer, Marie-Louise Arsenault is not yet satisfied with meetings and would like to conduct even more great interviews on television. Real face to face, without sycophancy, she dreams of it.

“A real ‘hot seat’, she explains. Not a celebration of “your life, your work, so it’s nice”. Chat with people who are in the news, I really want to do that. I think it’s missing on TV, there isn’t really any at the moment. A forum where people can express themselves freely and denounce what they want. A little rush of milk, from time to time, it would be good! We live in a time when a lot of serious business is happening, and we let a lot of it go. I find that the interview has almost become an exercise in admiration. I think I’m there, ”says the helmsman of“ The more the merrier, the more we read ”, to ICI Première, which has a thirty-year career.

  • “In the media”, Wednesday, 9 pm, on Télé-Québec.
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