In the Leningrad region found the downed during the second world war the Il-2

On the territory of the Leningrad region discovered the Il-2 that was shot down during WWII. The discovery was made by search engines, and the ship was wrecked in 1943.

В Ленобласти найден сбитый во времена ВОВ штурмовик Ил-2

According to the information provided, the ship was damaged after he was attacked by antiaircraft artillery. It happened in the midst of the Second world war, when there were combat during the breakthrough of the siege of Leningrad. In place in the course of search operations have found the elements of the fuselage, some weapons, and even the remains of the crew. It is established that the control of the Il-2 was carried out by Lieutenant Vladimir Uskov, assisted gunner Alexander Belyakov.

Deceased soldiers subsequently intend to bury at the memorial in St. Nicholas. Currently searching for relatives of the war dead pilots.

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