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In the last month of pregnancy: Jamala presented a new song “I love”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

In the last month of pregnancy: Jamala presented a new song "Love" /></p>
<p> Jamala/Press Service </p>
<p><strong>Ukrainian Crimean Tatar singer and songwriter Jamala (Jamala) presented a new song and video “I love”. She started recording the composition, already knowing that she was expecting her third child.</strong></p>
<p>Jamala presented a new sensual song “I love”. Despite the last month of pregnancy, the singer continues to work and participate in social life.</p>
<p>This track is addressed to all those who believe in love in all its manifestations: whether it is love for a husband or a child. Despite everything, always remember and do not forget this bright feeling, because where there is love, there is life. Where there is this love, there is continuation, and there is definitely hope.</p>
<p class=And we can be insecure, confused, lonely, and that's okay. But it seems to me that what gives people hope is really the expectation, the hope that one day we will fly away from this feeling and love in spite of everything. And there are such constants as man, woman, birth, like the ocean, rivers… all this suggests that where you are, there is life, the artist noted.

Together with the song, Jamala presented a deep and a bright video work directed by Pavlo Buryak. At first glance, this video may seem simple, says the director, but it contains a lot of symbolism and details.

In the video, we wanted to reproduce the words of the song, transfer the musical rhythm to the video with the help of several storylines. And I think it succeeded. I tried to show the movement of the characters with a parallel montage: a couple and a boy, where the boy is precisely the fruit of this couple's love. One of the filming techniques that was used in this video is moving in a circle with a moving platform. As for the contemporary choreography, it is not only about the rhythm in this video, but also about the feeling of the moment, relationships and visualization of the states in which our characters are, he said.

According to Jamala, all pregnant women try avoid taking photos and videos during this period, hide from the eyes. However, she decided that she will perceive herself as different as she is now.

With extra kilos, even more – I will shoot the cover and the video clip in this period! In this work, I am what I am now. In this magical moment: real, inspired, full of love. And I want to share these feelings with you. This is my ode to life, love, continuation and struggle, – emphasized the performer.

Natasha Kumar

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