In the Czech Republic, presidential elections were held, everything was decided in the second round in two weeks

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Presidential elections held in the Czech Republic, everything will be decided in the second round in two weeks

According to the results In the first round of presidential elections, ex-NATO General Petr Pavel unexpectedly overtook former Prime Minister Andrei Babis, the name of the next president of the country will be determined by the second round.

The final of the first round of voting turned out to be extremely dramatic. From the beginning of the counting of votes, Babiš was in the lead in the race, but when the voting results began to arrive in large cities, Pavel took the lead.

The gap between the candidates is less than a percent. According to the count of 99.6% of the votes, Pavel is in the lead with 35.34%, Babiš has 35.04%.

Notably, Paul won a landslide victory among the voters in Prague. His support in the Czech capital even exceeds the 50% barrier required for election in the first round.

One of the main contenders for the presidency of the Czech Republic, Danushe Nerudova, who did not make it to the second round and received almost 14% of the vote , has already announced its support for Pavel for his victory over Babiš.

The next Czech president, who will replace the incumbent president Milos Zeman, will be determined in the second round in two weeks.

According to polls conducted before the first round of voting, Pavel defeated Babiš in the second round by a significant margin.

As head of government, Babiš was neither an anti-Ukrainian politician nor an outspoken “friend of Putin.” But in the status of a presidential candidate, Babiš has significantly changed his rhetoric, trying to attract the support of the incumbent President Zeman, who is anti-European and loyal to the Russian Federation. In his rhetoric, theses appeared that aid to Ukraine had already cost the Czech Republic dearly, so it was time to worry first of all about ordinary Czechs, and only then about Ukraine.

General Pavel is known for serving as chairman of the NATO Military Committee , which is the second position in the Alliance after the Secretary General. None of the citizens of the Czech Republic, before or after, rose so high in the structure of the Alliance. 

After that, Pavel was retired from 2018, starting preparations for political activity.

Importantly, that he fully supports helping Ukraine – if he wins, the president and government will be like-minded.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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