In the Crimea, again, someone sloppily smoked

In the Crimea, again, someone sloppily smoked

Someone was smoking carelessly in Crimea again

August 18, people in Crimea once again heard explosions – “pop” was heard again, and a column of thick black smoke rises from the place where the object hit the sky.

This was reported by Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko in the Telegram channel.

"In the Crimea, something is on fire again. In the north-west near the village of Mezhvodnoye,” he wrote.

On the published video, not only smoke is visible, but also sounds are heard similar to the sounds of detonating shells – it is possible that another warehouse of enemy ammunition was destroyed. It is also known that in Mezhvodnoye there is some kind of military facility of the Russian invaders, possibly an airfield.

At the same time, in the annexed Crimea itself, they say that the cause of the smoke in the Mezhvodnoye area is the fire of dry grass in the village of Snezhnoye, Black Sea region. Due to “ignition” The fire covered an area of ​​250 sq. meters, it has already been eliminated.

Someone was smoking carelessly again in Crimea

  Prepared by: Nina Petrovich