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The Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois are calling for the resignation of Greg Fergus, while the NDP is waiting before deciding.


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House of Commons Speaker Greg Fergus apologized during his appearance Monday for making a video presented at a Party convention Ontario Liberal.

Summoned before the Procedure and House Affairs Committee to explain this partisan video in which he appears in ceremonial attire, which is against the rules, Mr. Fergus declared: Allow me, first of all, First, to apologize to all of you, to all of our colleagues in the House and, indeed, to all Canadians. I'm sorry.

The 105-second video at the heart of this controversy shows the president in his official office, dressed in his presidential robes , paying tribute to John Fraser, the outgoing interim leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

However, in Canada, the president is supposed to considerably limit his partisan activities once he puts on the black robe. A President of the Chamber cannot, for example, attend meetings of parliamentary groups. He does not vote in the House, except in the event of a tie, and does not participate in debates.

Greg Fergus said a family member of his friend John Fraser asked him to send a video message to commemorate his rise to a senior position in the Ontario Liberal Party.

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Mr. Fergus said he believed the video would be shown at a private, non-partisan event. Which was not the case.

I recorded a video message for John Fraser, a long-time friend. Despite assurances to the contrary, it was released at a partisan public meeting […] I should never have recorded it.

A quote from Greg Fergus, Speaker of the House of municipalities

Mr. Fergus said he recorded the message between meetings, explaining why he was wearing his presidential robe, and that he regretted the error in judgment.

Like anyone who takes a new position, I'm learning on the job, he said, admitting that he had failed.

Owning up to his mistake, he swore that he would never make a mistake like this again and that he had put protocols in place to ensure that such an error would not happen again.

Greg Fergus added that he will resign from his position if the parliamentary committee demands it.

According to Mr. Fergus, the Clerk of the House of Commons will now be consulted whenever he is asked to speak at an event or deliver a video message.

If the Liberal deputies who sit on the Committee were rather lenient with him, the members of the committee from the opposition were much more critical.

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Speaker of the House of Commons Greg Fergus recorded this video to pay tribute to John Fraser, interim leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Bloc MP Claude DeBellefeuille notably criticized the Speaker of the House for not having sought advice before making and sending the video. Judgment is something you either have or don't have. It cannot be taught, she declared.

I don't know how you think you can regain the trust you lost, she added.

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer, who himself held the Speaker's chair from 2011 to 2015, said MPs in the House of Commons needed a Speaker who could make decisions without passing them through decision trees.

We have to trust that this is coming from a non-partisan, objective place, he explained.

The fact that you haven't seen this suggests that you are too close to partisanship. You are too close to these partisan actors [to see] that, for members of other parties, this would be a problem.

A quote from Andrew Sheer, Conservative MP for Regina—Qu'Appelle< /blockquote>

Greg Fergus said that despite his embarrassing misstep, he believed he could regain the confidence of the House with hard work over a long period of time. period of time.

He added that if MPs decided to give him a chance, he would make the effort.

I am a servant of the House of Commons, so if the House decides that it no longer trusts me and that I cannot regain the trust of Members of Parliament, I will go, of course, concluded Mr. Fergus.

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