In the Belgorod region, the Russian military blew up a grenade near the arsenal: three infidels were killed, 10 were injured

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In the Belgorod region, a Russian military blew up a grenade near an arsenal: three infidels were killed, 10 wounded

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In one of the villages  of the Belgorod Region a Russian serviceman blew up an RGD-5 grenade on the territory of a military unit located in the building of a cultural center. Baza reports.< /p>

Due to the explosion, ammunition detonated in the building and a fire started. Three servicemen were killed, at least 10 more were injured.

The REN TV channel claims that on January 14 at the Tonenkoe farm in the Belgorod region the platoon commander, a senior sergeant, whose name was not disclosed, detonated a grenade. Due to the explosion in the building of the cultural center, ammunition was detonated, which were in the weapons storage room. The fire area was 450 square meters.

According to  data of the telegram channel "112", three Russian soldiers were killed c, another 16 were injured, and 8 were missing. This information has not been officially confirmed.

TASS reports with reference to emergency services that on Tonenko farm due to the detonation of ammunition and a fire in a rural house 10 servicemen were injured. 15 people were evacuated from the houses adjacent to the house of culture.

BAGNET recalls that the other day in the Belgorod region ammunition broke out during the repair of a tank. Fire One tank of the invaders was destroyed, two more were damaged.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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