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In “in a state of crisis”, he tries to open the front door ;an Air Canada plane in mid-flight

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The man was met by the police upon his arrival at Pearson Airport. (Archives)


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An elderly man in a “state of crisis and confusion” tried to open the door of an Air Canada plane that was in mid-flight between London and Toronto on Sunday, according to police. /p>

In an email, Tyler Bell-Morena of Peel Regional Police said the passenger attempted to open the door, which which is not possible at cruising altitude. It was brought under control by Air Canada employees.

The man was greeted by police officers after the plane landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport shortly after 15 h, he added.

The passenger, an elderly man, was in a state of crisis and confusion and it did not appear that his actions were intentional.

He will not face any criminal charges. The man and his family were put in touch with additional resources.

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Air Canada has confirmed that there was an event involving a disruptive passenger on a flight to Toronto from London, England .

Our crews are experienced and handled the situation appropriately, allowing the flight to continue normally to its destination, can we read in their written statement.

We have no further details to provide.

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