In St. Petersburg in the apartment-Museum of the poet Joseph Brodsky found “treasure”

In St. Petersburg apartment-Museum of the famous Russian poet and playwright Joseph Brodsky, who was awarded the Nobel prize for literature, found treasure. Discovery found the master of laying parquet.

В Санкт-Петербурге в квартире-музее поэта Иосифа Бродского найден «клад»

We are talking about personal things of Joseph Brodsky, which were left in his apartment after departure. No material value of the discovery is not. In the list of rarities includes two cigarettes, a small coil of wire, a bead from jewelry, scraps of Newspapers that were printed before the revolution, three buttons and the coin 1 penny, minted in 1972. According to Museum staff, it is the latter is of particular interest. In addition to that, they discovered other items.

In the Museum of Brodsky believe that the penny poet could throw that he ever had the opportunity to return home, but it didn’t help.

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