In South Korea the problem of hair loss solved with the help of stem cells of adipose tissue

New treatment for baldness has shown its effectiveness: for its realization has been applied proteins derived from stem cells of adipose tissue means. The experiment was carried out by scientists from South Korea.

В Южной Корее проблему облысения решили с помощью стволовых клеток жировых тканей

The scientific staff of the Busan University as part of the experience tested the ability to cure the most familiar type of baldness androgenic alopecia, utilizing extract of stem cells of adipose tissue. This disease can not be attributed to the most hazardous to health, but it negatively affects the psychological status and life of the people. Highest quality drugs against the disease have side effects, including erectile dysfunction, therefore physicians continue to look for safe assets.

For the experiment, scientists from South Korea has invited nine women and 29 men of middle age who had suffered from androgenic alopecia. They were divided into two groups, representatives of one of them they rubbed my skin with the extract of stem cells, and the second placebo. Four months later, the experience of those volunteers, to whom was applied the protein to stem cells, the researchers found a significant increase in hair volume and diameter of follicles. Next, the researchers intend to perform a similar experiment with a larger number of respondents from different population groups.

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