In social networks criticized Uber for the mass destruction of bicycles

В соцсетях раскритиковали Uber за массовое уничтожение велосипедов

Uber recycles thousands of bikes. Photo:

Selling its loss-making business Jump, Uber the company recycles thousands of bikes and scooters. Video from the processing center in the United States was published in social networks, causing anger users, reports the BBC.

The company confirmed that Uber sends it for processing many older bikes due to problems with tehobsluzhivanie and security.

At the same time in the UK, Uber continues to work with the Jump, and never lost a single two-wheeled. In Europe, the deal to sell the rental business was not completed.

Video posted on Twitter show that the bikes arriving for processing in North Carolina (USA), shall be destroyed.

Disappointed charity organisation noted that electric bikes could donate to community groups or sold to private persons in order to popularize this method of travel.

Why don’t remove the sticker [branding], and not selling bikes to individuals?”, – told one of the news sites John Orcutt of the nonprofit group Bike New York.

Uber, in its statement said that the company considered the possibility to give to charity the old model, but given issues such as maintenance, security, and the lack of charging equipment in the consumer level, decided that the best way – responsible disposal.

According to The Verge, Uber has gained a Jump over $ 200 million in 2018. At the time of the acquisition of a startup was 12 thousand bikes in 40 cities and 6 countries. In may of this year Uber has invested $ 170 million to Lime swallowed Jump.

The company emphasizes that although many bikes and scooters are utilized in the process of creating a new model.

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