In Sochi for fear of the influx of tourists has proposed to close the city

Sochi residents frightened by the prospect of an influx of tourists in the resort city. Some of the locals offer close access to visitors, fearing the spread of the coronavirus.

В Сочи из-за страха наплыва туристов предложили закрыть город

In connection with the epidemic COVID-19 at the moment, completely paralyzed the tourism sector, but summer is nearing, and the disease recedes, and the authorities have started to develop a mechanism for the start of the season. You know, because of quarantine measures, many entrepreneurs are on the verge of ruin because they do not have the ability to carry out the activities part of the same, and all have lost my business. To prevent further impoverishment and run the economy, the government announced that in Sochi in the near future will start to open the sanatorium with the medical license. Because of this, some residents expressed dissatisfaction. They fear the outbreak of coronavirus, which may follow after the mass arrival of tourists, because they propose to close the city.

However, now the Russians are busy planning a summer vacation. World tourism will be in 2020 not widely available, but because most will choose the direction in the home country. The main routes have not changed and are already known. Citizens prefer Krasnodar Krai, in particular, Sochi and Anapa, and the coast of the Crimea. No less popular are Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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