In “Snuffbox” revealed the truth about the dismissal of Rosa Khairullina

In “Snuffbox” revealed the truth about the dismissal of Rosa Khairullina

Representatives of the Tabakerka press service revealed the truth about Rosa Khairullina's departure. The theater was an important part of life for the artist, so the news of her dismissal became unpleasant for the fans and colleagues of the actress.


Image via: Instagram: @roza_khairullina_o
Khairullina's life was not easy; back in the 90s she was left without a roof over her head because of the actions of her brother with drug addiction. Then, in a short period of time, the artist lost almost her entire family. It was rumored that the celebrity tried to cope with feelings and pain through alcohol, but eventually found a spiritual mentor who helped to leave addiction in the past. In addition, the theater gave new vitality to Rosa Khairullina, she devoted all of herself to work. During one of his visits to Samara, Konstantin Bogomolov persuaded the artist to move to Moscow, at the Oleg Tabakov Theater she quickly became her own.

Rumors about the dismissal of the actress began to spread after the arrival of artistic director Vladimir Mashkov, who allegedly wished to get rid of many artists. However, Khairullina herself debunked the speculation, indicating that she made the decision herself. The thing is that she has nothing more to give to the viewer. In the “Snuffbox” itself, they explained that the artist will continue to appear in performances, because she has moved into the category of guest stars. At the same time, she will have more time for other projects, including cinema.

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