In Slovenia, people died due to a large-scale flood

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People died in Slovenia due to a large-scale flood

Photo: Rixabay 

In Slovenia torrential rains caused large-scale flooding. Cities were left without electricity, 3 people died. This is reported by Reuters.

As a result of bad weather, about 16,000 households were left without electricity. Rescuers were trying to reach flooded areas, helicopters were evacuating people who were in their homes in the town of Skof'ja Loka, where vehicles and trucks were flooded.

Head of rescuers in Slovenian Command Roman Kochilia said:

We have not seen floods like this not only for 500 years, but also for 1000 years.

Two men from the Netherlands died, probably from the impact lightning An elderly Slovenian woman also died during the bad weather, the circumstances are being established.

The Environment Agency of Slovenia has issued a red warning for large-scale floods. Meteorologists say the heavy rain is expected to spread to neighboring Croatia and Bosnia and last for at least the next 24 hours.

Prepared by Serhii Daga