In silence, Pablo Lyle will wait until 2021 to face murder charges

In silence, Pablo Lyle will wait until 2021 to face murder charges

The actor will have to go to a court in Miami and for the moment he is restricted from returning to Mexico

The actor Pablo Lyle has just been notified of the date he will have for the murder trial he has been facing for two years, after he was involved in a homicide of an elderly man during a traffic conflict.

The judge in charge of the case notified the actor by video call that the trial will be held in March 2021, when the litigation will return. And is that Lyle was present in the videoconference in which usually only the legal teams of both parties attend, however, he kept both the camera and the microphone off.

And it is that the actor had made several requests to ask that he be allowed to return to Mexico in order to return to work in soap operas in order to generate income as the trial begins, with the purpose of having the financial resources necessary to defray the costs of the legal process but you have not received authorization to leave the United States.

The terrible event for which Lyle could go to prison for more than 10 years in the neighboring country to the north began when the actor had a road conflict with Mr. Juan Ricardo Hernández, 63, whom he beat after a lawsuit in the middle of the street , which resulted in his death when his head hit the pavement.

And it seems that the evidence used in the trial does not make the Mexican actor look good. However, the actor’s lawyer said that the case is a very simple one for “self-defense” because, according to Pablo Lyle, he only “repelled” the attack because he feared for the safety of his family. As stated by attorney Bruce Lehr:

This is a classic case of self defense; he was calmly in a car, he was attacked, he got out and used the least possible force to hit the man only once; what happened after that was very unfortunate
But the video of the prosecution shows a very different thing because it shows that Juan Ricardo Hernández approached to argue with Lyle, to which his brother-in-law, who was driving the vehicle in which Lyle’s entire family was transported, got out , but he was left arguing with Hernández and finally turned around to return to his vehicle.

When Juan Ricardo Hernández was heading to his vehicle, Pablo Lyle got off the passenger side and reached for him to give him a punch that hit him accurately and that knocked down Hernández, who fell to the ground and hit his head. Shortly after, the medical services arrived at the scene and transferred Juan Hernández to the hospital, his death was confirmed due to a head trauma.

The actor from the beginning was located by the authorities and presented himself as innocent, although now he will have to wait for the date of the trial to know what future holds for him in what seemed to be a career on the rise. Lyle had recently participated in the film “Mirreyes contra Godínez” with which he had generated a good reaction from the public but now his career and his own freedom are in suspense.

And it is that the COVID-19 pandemic lengthened the process even more because all the trials and legislative services were paralyzed during the confinement and it was only now that the judge was able to accommodate the agenda so that the trial remains next year.

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