In Russia the number of unemployed people since April 1 has increased 3.5 times

Michael Mishustin has recognized the problems with employment of citizens of the Russian Federation. The Prime Minister said that from April 1 the number of officially registered unemployed has increased 3.5 times, but in the circumstances this is a normal indicator.

В России количество безработных с 1 апреля увеличилось в 3,5 раза

Mikhail Mishustin called the maintenance of employment of countrymen, the main task of officials of the Executive authorities of the Russian Federation at the moment. According to information provided by the Ministry of labour, Russia has managed to avoid the explosive growth of unemployment, the Prime Minister said. His view is not shared by the people’s Deputy Oleg Shein. According to the Deputy, the increase in the unemployment rate is 3.5 times is high. However, Shein did not want to criticize the words mishustina, because he expressed a value judgment. Shein acknowledged the effectiveness of state programs in the period of suppression of coronavirus. However, the MP said that the citizens ‘ support is a temporary phenomenon. According to him, soon unemployment will decrease from 4500-12000 to 1500-5000 roubles.

Currently, the Russians prefer to register in employment centers as it is profitable. It is assumed, and therefore increased unemployment rate. As soon as the amount of benefits will decrease, the citizens will stop going to centers of employment, and rates of change.

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