According to analysts, today the flagship smartphone iPhone 14 Pro has become rapidly cheaper in the Russian Federation. Sales of the device in the country began about 2.5 months ago. new iPhone 14 Pro” />

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International sales of the device started in mid-September. Due to Western sanctions, Apple stopped supplying smartphones to the Russian market, but ex-official partners, along with other sellers, were able to establish sales through parallel imports. If in the first weeks of sales in Russia the device cost almost 120 thousand rubles, and the modification with eSIM was offered for 110 thousand rubles, now this figure has fallen by about 20 thousand rubles.

Thus, today the smartphone will cost the Russians 90 thousand rubles or even cheaper. The most profitable option is a copy that sells for less than 87 thousand rubles. Earlier it was reported that Apple refused to present a budget stylus for the iPhone 14.



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