In Russia on the background of the coronavirus has sharply increased the demand for couriers

In a pandemic coronavirus in Russia marked a sharp increase in demand for couriers. In favor of this point the results of the study, informs the newspaper “Izvestia”.

В России на фоне коронавируса резко увеличился спрос на курьеров

Experts estimate that in the period from March 24, the number of vacancies related to the delivery of certain goods, increased by approximately seven times. In addition, significantly increased the number of those who wish to apply for the position of courier. About every fifth applicant responded to the proposal. Attention is drawn, in the context of pandemic coronavirus inhabitants of Russia began to consider the possibility of part-time work.

Earlier the dermatologists evaluated how much time the new coronavirus is able to maintain its viability in contact with human hair. Typically, this is a relatively small period, as the curls represent the porous structure.

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