In Russia increased the demand for underground bunkers

In Russia significantly increased the demand for underground bunkers. Appeared in the sale of the home with ventilation system, temperature sensors, sewage and even control humidity.

В России вырос спрос на подземные бункеры

According to representatives of the company “Rosbunker” engaged in the construction of appropriate underground structures, there is even classification of bunkers. The cheapest are considered dwellings for up to 6 people. The value of the bunkers of this type may start from 2.5 million rubles.
“If desired, the customer can order a pool table, a swimming pool or a special wine cellar at a special lower tier. The cost of the bunker because of this will increase. Sometimes buying a home for teenagers who want to live separately from parents in the special conditions. In the process of construction takes into account all safety rules. It’s not just about the strong frame, but also about protecting from high humidity, dampness and other factors. All bunkers able to withstand biological and chemical attack on the surface”, – quotes the words of representatives of “Rosbunker” edition “Interactor”.
Construction of the bunker can take from 4 days to 2 weeks. In Russia the demand for such housing types since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus has increased almost five times.

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