In Russia, for the day revealed 6693 new cases of infection COVID-19

In the past 24 hours in Russia was found 6 693 new cases of coronavirus in 84 different regions. Such data results in the operational headquarters, created under the government to combat the proliferation of COVId-19.

В России за сутки выявили 6693 новых случая заражения COVID-19

The leader in the number of new detected cases of HIV infection remains Moscow. During the reporting period in the capital identified 745 new infections. In the list of leaders on this indicator also includes the Moscow region (301 cases), Khanty-Mansiysk (279 cases), Sverdlovsk oblast (276 cases), Petersburg (253 cases), YANAO (248 cases), and the Irkutsk and Nizhny Novgorod region 242 and 203 cases, respectively.

During the same period, the country has recorded 154 deaths, while 9220 cases previously considered completely recovered and was discharged from medical institutions. The total number of detected cases of coronavirus in the country since the beginning of the epidemic exceeded 647 thousand people, including more than 412 thousand survived the disease, and for 9320 man it was deadly.

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