In Russia, for the day of the coronavirus has infected more than 9.4 thousand people

Over the past day on the territory of Russia the coronavirus has infected more than 9.4 thousand people. The information is provided for operational staff on anti-COVID-19.

В России за сутки коронавирусом заразились более 9,4 тысячи человек

According to available data, approximately 42% of carriers of the coronavirus infection had no clinical manifestations. In addition, during the day, from called COVID-19 complications died 139 patients. Recover during the reporting period, had more than 8,1 thousand people. All in all, Russia already 335,8 thousand carriers of the coronavirus. Died a total of no less than 3.3 thousand people, and win over the disease are 107 thousand Russians.

The most intense still remains a situation in Moscow, where he confirmed 161,3 thousand cases of infection. Died in the capital of 1.9 thousand, recovered — 47,4 thousand. In the Moscow region, 32,6 thousand patients in Saint-Petersburg — 12,9 thousand.

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