In Russia, for the day of 954 new cases: Latest data on infected COVID-19

In the past 24 hours in Russia revealed 954 new infections a new type of coronavirus infection. Thus, as of the morning of 6 April in the country was only 6 343 the fact of the disease in 49 different regions, reports the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread COVID-19.

В России за сутки 954 новых случая: Последние данные о зараженных COVID-19

Most infected, as before, in Moscow the share of the capital accounts 4484 case of infection. Here for the last day were the greatest number of new confirmed diagnoses – 591. Second and third place belongs to Moscow and St. Petersburg – 82 and 35 cases, respectively. Among other regions, the leadership belongs to the Komi Republic, where, as of April 6, there are 31 cases of coronavirus infection, according to Kommersant.

It is worth Recalling, in the country due to the spread of COVID-19 a regime of non-working days and samoletami. Citizens are asked not to leave the shelter unless absolutely necessary and to observe a number of safety measures.

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