In Russia again increased the cost of cars Datsun

In Russia once again marked increase in the cost of the cars sold under the Datsun brand. The relevant conclusions made by the experts of the session “Price Cars” on the results of monitoring of the domestic market.

В России снова увеличилась стоимость авто Datsun

Sedan on-DO and hatchback mi-DO had to jump in value by an average amount of from 5 to 11 thousand rubles, which is true for all models. This increase corresponds to 0.9-1.8% of the previous price list on these cars from Datsun. Now on-DO will have to pay at least 511 thousand rubles, while the top variant will cost the Russians in 691 thousand. As for mi-DO, here’s a minimum price tag now stands at 534 thousand, a maximum of 714 thousand.

The model range of Datsun dealerships in Russia is represented by two cars. Under the hood they have installed only the 1.6-liter engine capable of generating 87 or 106 HP Transmission presents a manual gearbox or “automatic”.

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