In recent weeks, the cyclist has made his disgust with the president-elect's campaign clear.

Whether many like it or not, Gustavo Petro is our new president“, wrote Egan Bernal on his Twitter account on the morning of this Monday, June 20, after the results of the elections in Colombia.

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The Colombian cyclist was characterized by using his social networks to express political opinions during the electoral period. Through his multiple comments, he made his displeasure with Gustavo Petro clear.

One ​​day before the elections, Bernal wrote on his Twitter account that “Petro's campaign showed how far they are capable of going with “anything goes”, trampling and discrediting anyone who is not with them, and worst of all, even their own allies“. In that same message, he wished Rodolfo Hernández success on voting day.

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Now, with Petro's victory at the polls, with 11.2 million votes according to the pre-count, against Hernández, who obtained 10.5 million, the cyclist referred to the matter saying that he respected each person who voted for the candidate of the Historical Pact.

Full respect for every person who voted for him (this is democracy). He will have a great responsibility with each one of them and the +10 million that we were against. I hope he proves that we were wrong“, reads his trill.

In another comment, Bernal affirms that he has “no grudge against anyone” and that he understands the social desperation what each media message would do.

The rider concludes as follows: “I also want to see my country great and although in politics we think differently with some. I work every day to make it even bigger“.

For the first round of the presidential elections, held on May 29, Egan announced on social networks which candidate he preferred. His support at that time it was for the candidate from Antioquia, Federico Gutiérrez.

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Despite the fact that his candidate did not go to the second round, Bernal continued giving to know their views on the elections.