In Poland, scammers collect data of Ukrainians

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Scammers collect Ukrainians' data in Poland

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The Office for Foreigners of Poland warns of attempts to fraudulently collect data from citizens of Ukraine. In fake appeals, it is called upon to report citizens of Ukraine who are on the territory of Poland, according to the government website of Poland.

This is an announcement with QR-code on the streets and emails.

The Office for Foreigners notes that the disinformation campaign provides for the registration of citizens of Ukraine in a form that is not valid in Polish law. And that the department is not the author of the announcement and does not is collecting this information.

The content of the leaflet may indicate that this is an attempt to obtain personal data – please ignore this.

The department also reported a fake email, the authors of which pretended to be the secretariat of the Department of International Affairs and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The letter also spoke of the need to allegedly report refugees from Ukraine using the form attached to the message.

Scammers in Poland collect data of Ukrainians

If such messages appear, they should be ignored. Do not reply or forward them. Such incidents should be reported to CERT.

Ukrainians are reminded that the correct email addresses of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration or the Office for Foreigners always contain the following domains: and respectively.

Prepared : Sergey Daga 

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