In Poland found more than 100 skeletons of children with coins in the mouth

In the South-Eastern part of Poland, archaeologists have discovered a large burial of the remains of nearly one hundred children who were buried in the XVI-XVII centuries. The original tomb was discovered by workers of road services.

В Польше нашли больше 100 скелетов детей с монетами во рту

Just scientists found 115 corpses, some of them in my mouth was invested coins. Bodies of children buried in the sand, they were on the axis East-West, which indicates the likely conduct ritual ceremonies of those times. Placed in the oral cavity, the money is called “Obol of Charon” and represents payment for the services of the eponymous Explorer in the afterlife, according to ancient beliefs. This tradition known in the era of the ancient Greeks and Romans. At the cemetery, where he made an unusual discovery, it was Catholic and belonged to a local Church that conducted its activities in 1590.

Found the remains confirmed the local legend of a large-scale children’s burial in the Church radius of the mountains. Coins, that were in the mouths of children, the expert archaeologists have dated 1587-1632 years when the Commonwealth rules of king Sigismund III Vasa, and sometimes the son of this monarch Jan II Kazimierz. No evidence of coffins that buried children society does not have sufficient number of items even for a normal life, but the location of the tombs indicates the constant attention and care by the inhabitants of the graves.

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