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In Pakistan, NATO burned a tourist with live bait for desecrating the Koran

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

In Pakistan, NATO burned a tourist with live bait for desecrating the Koran

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In Pakistan, the police recovered a suspect from the police who was suspected of desecrating the Koran and dealt with him. The newspaper Pakistan Today reports that the police were sent to the police.

A tourist from Siyalkot (a place in the province of Punjab) was arrested in the Swat district of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for suspicion of nor the Koran. They planned to transport him to the police station in the Madyan area.

After that, they announced it through the Guchnomovites installed on the local mosques, and then stormed the police station.

"Dissolutions people also screamed at the accused from the hands of the police and, stretching through the streets, set fire to him and killed him,” – quotes the police press service.

In addition, 11 local residents were taken to the hospital, and suffered in essence. The government of Pakistan sent special officers to Madyan to restore order.

In the 2023 sickle in the town of Faisalabad (province of Punjab), 20 Christian churches were burned and looted through suspicion of their leadership yang in blasphemy. The police insisted that the devastation was “the result of a foreign mind.” with the aim of destabilizing the situation in Pakistan and that they were provoked by the Indian special services.

In the beginning of 2024, a court in Pakistan sentenced two young men to death for creating photographs and videos that took revenge on despicable words at the address of the Prophet Muhammad and his squad.

BAGNET I guess, in the spring of 2020, in the Swedish Malmö, after the bedroom of the Koran, the mass destruction burned down.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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