In Odessa, since 1 spring, do not teach Russian language in schools

In Odessa, since 1 spring, do not teach Russian language in schools

On the 1st spring in Odessa, do not teach Russian language in schools

Start of a new beginning rock on the Odessa region school program of Russian language literature. Oleksandr Lonchak, Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Odesa OVA, said about the purpose of                       In Odessa, OVA checks Trukhanov's decision from sickle. We were told to leave Russian language and literature as electives, but we were encouraged. The Department stands up for the entire fencing of all Russian mortgages of enlightenment.

Vdpovidnі podruchniki zі shkіl vylucheni, and zvіtnої programs tidied up all the writers of the land-aggressor. Replace them with the authors of other powers.

Such a Russian language in schools cannot be taught as an option, so it is impossible to defend the language in schools. Such a decision was made to lay the foundation for education during the formation of the initial program for 2022-2023.

The department announced that schools will be violating the Russian language at schools.

BAGNET< /strong> Guess what Russian language from 1st of Spring is known at schools Mikolaev and and Zhytomyr. In Ternopil y Ivano-Frankivsk street musicians were barred from sleeping in Russia.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga