In Norway, Russians scrawled the word “murderers” on a car

In Norway, Russians scrawled the word “murderers” on a car

Russian women scrawled the word 'murderers' on a car in Norway

An illustrative photo from open sources

A Russian woman told "" that during a trip to Europe, in Norway, unknown persons scrawled the word "murderers" on her car .

The woman went from Belarus to Latvia, from there to Sweden and Norway in       their car, she was accompanied by her family. They made the same trip four years ago.

According to the Russian woman, the incident with the car took place in Norway, outside the tourist areas. Next to the car in the unequipped parking lot were other vehicles, all — with  European numbers.

"We saw everyone going down and up. Everyone was friendly. But when we returned, we saw that the side mirror was turned out, there was a small dent on the door, and on the hood — inscription", — said the Russian woman.