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In Nigeria, due to a trade union strike, electricity was cut off throughout the country

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

U In Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, major unions are on strike on Monday, demanding higher wages. The action led to a power outage, and the operation of major airports was affected. 

<p>This is reported by AR.</p>
<p>During the strike, workers shut down the national power grid and forced operators out of a key power transmission station. The workers who were sent to restore the electricity supply were not allowed to enter the station.</p>
<p data-yield-master-placement-inserted=Civil servants either did not go to their workplaces, or blocked the entrances to offices, in particular at the capital's airports Abuja and the economic center of Lagos. Aviation workers should not go to work "until further notice", their association said.

The Nigeria Labor Congress, which represents hundreds of thousands of civil servants in key sectors along with the Congress of Trade Unions, has said wages should be at a living wage, calling the current level of pay “paltry”.

Unions are demanding that the minimum wage a monthly salary of 30,000 naira ($20) was increased to almost 500,000 naira ($336). The government is proposing an increase of up to 60,000 naira ($40).

According to Information Minister Mohammed Idris, if the unions' demands are met, the state payroll will have to increase by 9.5 trillion ($6.3 billion), which could "destabilize the economy".

Since Nigerian President Bola Tinubu scrapped fuel subsidies last May, the price of gas in the country has more than doubled, driving up public transport fares and commodity prices.

The Tinubu government also devalued the naira to encourage foreign investment, leading to further increases in the prices of basic commodities.

Inflation in the country has reached a 28-year high.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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