In Moscow the pensioner was lost consciousness and fell on the included gas stove

An elderly woman in the process of cooking dinner in the Moscow apartment lost consciousness and was almost burned after falling on a gas stove. The incident occurred on the evening of may 20.

В Москве пенсионерка потеряла сознание и упала на включенную газовую плиту

According to available information, 80-year-old pensioner in the capital in the evening have been preparing dinner. At one point the woman felt bad: she was dizzy and blacking. She collapsed on the included gas stove, where they prepared the food. The flame instantly flashed on the robe Moscow pensioner, but was saved from immediate death a woman, her 58-year-old daughter who ran to help the parent.

Arrived on the scene and the ambulance the victim was hospitalized in the Sklifosovsky research Institute. Health care providers diagnosed her with multiple burns on the face and neck 1-3 degrees. At this time, for the improvement of women’s health doctors fight. Law enforcement bodies of the Russian capital are checking on the incident of the incident, they find out all the details and circumstances of this case.

Earlier in the territory of Zaraysk Moscow region found the body of an elderly man near the bus stop. According to police, the man was warming himself by the fire and could die as a result of falling into the flames, besides, he was leading an antisocial lifestyle.

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