In Moscow the corpse of the Armenian citizen

In the center of Moscow, in the Presnensky district was found the body of resident of Armenia. The corpse was hung on a fence which is located on Shmitovsky.

В Москве обнаружен труп гражданина Армении

As reported by a local online publication “the Agency”, citing a source from law enforcement bodies, the incident happened in the evening of Thursday, may 28. The police after investigation has established the identity of the deceased. It appeared to be coming from Armenia age of 66 years. On the body revealed traces of cuts and jabs, and in the abdominal area cut-stab wounds.

When the man himself had a credit card and a document about the place of work. According to the preliminary version of the Investigative Committee, he died from suffocation. To date, the police sent the body to the morgue, where experts conduct a forensic examination for an accurate conclusion. They find out all the details of what happened.

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